Spring 2020

“Azusena’s Oral History: The Importance of Multicultural Community for Immigrants,”by Addy Miller

Fall 2019

“Separate Visas, the Muslim Ban, and the Dream of a Home Together,” by Afshin Shadmehr

Spring 2019

“The Maze,” by Thea Zhang

Fall 2018

“Family and Grit,” by Jeffrey Chin

“Xian Yan’s Best Life,” by Pamela Robinson

Spring 2018

“Meet Happiness,” by Tingting Xu

“The Ups and Downs of Kat’s American Dream,” by Danbi Kim

“My Dad’s American Dream,” by Nancy Mach

“Third Generation,” by Oscar Picazo

Fall 2017

“Strong Woman,” by Isabela Irene T. Nangca

Spring 2017

“Where Family Is: Git Lee,” by Isabella Chen

“Two Homes,” by Vanessa Tso

“Feeling Whole: From Jordan to Palestine to San Francisco,” by Jose Castillo

Fall 2016

“Clothed With Bravery and Peace: Refugees Shall Remain Undeterred,” by Jimmy Gonzalez.

“A Journey of a Man Who Has Never Found an Ideal Home,” by Pui Man Stephanie Ho

“Home Bitter Home,” by Susana Hernandez

Spring 2016

“Between Worlds,” by Ara Avedian

“War is Fragmentation, Art is Construction,” by Tim Matakovich

“A New Beginning,” by Jeffrey De Alba

Fall 2015

I Left on My Birthday,” by Oscar Garcia

“Home: Love, Acceptance and Commitment,” by Emily Schattenburg

“The Freedom to Dream,” by Anobel Khoushabeh

“Home and Horizon,” by Siuzanna Arutiunova

“Twas Africa,” by Tiffany Brown

“Impact of Immigration on a First Generation Immigrant,” by Fiona Fong

“Home Is Where the Family Is,” by Yunzian Tan

“Path to the United States,” by Luz Hernandez

Spring 2015

“I Left My Heart in Syria,” by Serena Mokatish

“Shayla’s Journey,” by Karen Guinn

Fall 2014

“Roles, from Generation to Generation to Generation,” by Sean Lerche

Summer 2014

“Eloisa’s Story,” by Deirel Márquez Perez

“Georgian-American or American-Georgian,” by Michael Figlock

“My Father: How Moving to America Has Shaped his Perception of America and his Own Identity, “ by Max Bauer

“The Metamorphosis of a Larva into a Butterfly,” by Jiankun He

“One Common Thread in the Blanket of Dreams,” by Stephanie Munoz

Spring 2014

“Hopeful for Home: From Burma to Myanmar to San Francisco,”
by Darius Bright

“From A Refugee’s Perspective: Life in the U.S. and Iraq”
by Lujain Alobaide

“Imagining Home in the Land of the Invaders,” by C.K. Ramsey

“Memories of an Émigré,” by Levan Tortladze

Fall 2013

“The Fallen Leaves: Yang’s Journey,” by Anh Nguyen

“Finally Found Home,” by Ruben Guzman

“Home Is Acceptance,” by Yagmur Akay

“Exile for Yedel,” by Ruth Alemu

“The Lost Identity,” by Brandon Moreno

“Lito’s American Dream,” by Arlesia Williams

“Immigration, Academics, and Family,” by Aaron Henderson

“Home is Where My Family Is,” by Jazmine Ashley Diaz

“Disproving Myths: One Immigrant at a Time,” by Jessica Hart

Spring 2013

“Tan’s Oral History: Perspective,” by Ziyang Yu

“From Guangzhou to San Francisco,” by Yongshan Su

“Another Point of View,” by Xu Chen

“I Am Unique and So Are You,” by Michi Hosokawa

“Enslaved: The Story of Lili Samad,” by Azraa Muhammad

“I Am Americanized,” by Luz A.

“Finding Home,” by Carolina Palacio

“Samira’s Perspective on War,” by Thomas B.

“From Nicaragua to San Francisco: Mercedes’ Exile and Home,” by Judith Mendoza

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